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  • Police catch 8000 drivers using mobile phones in 1 week

    British police caught close to 8000 drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel in a clampdown that lasted one week in November.In total, 7966 drivers were found to be on the phone, leading to more than 7800 fixed penalty notices and 68 court s ...

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  • Guide to child car seat laws and safety

    Confused by car seats? We clarify the latest UK car seat legislation including how to fit car seats safely and help you choose the right seat for your baby and childWhen you're buying a car seat for your baby or child, it's crucial that you know ...

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  • Preparing for a journey in winter

    Preparing for a journey in winterIn severe and wintry weather it's even more important to plan your journey.Highways England and the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland look after motorways and major A roads, and local authorit ...

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  • Car Insurance Scam:'Ghost' brokers sell bogus policies

    Customers were attracted by adverts on the internet offering policies about 15 per cent cheaper than those offered by legitimate companies.Danyal Buckharee, 42, and Giovanni Recchia, 47, even used an iPod to recreate office noise as they worked ...

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  • Drug Driving Arrests Go Sky High

    35 out of the 43 Police forces in the UK have provided data showing a huge increase in the number of drug driving arrests made last year. Don't panic, the UK isn't suddenly being flooded with drugs, but traffic officers now have a much easier way to ...

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  • Drivers Face Crackdown on Motorway Speeding

     Motorists may not be cut any slack when it comes to the 70mph limit thanks to the roll-out of motorway speed cameras.Drivers on motorways around the UK are facing a much greater risk of being fined for exceeding the 70mph speed limit due to ...

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  • How To Teach Young Children About Road Safety

    Good habits start early, so here's a few pointers on howBritain has one of the best road safety records in the world. However, 53 children still died in reported road accidents in 2014, and 2,029 were seriously injured, according to official sta ...

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  • Appeal Parking Tickets in 30 Seconds with Free Website

    New website called donotpay.co.uk helps drivers win their appeal against parking tickets. Student Joshua Browder, 18, set it up after being fined 30 times.   A free service that allows drivers to appeal against car parking tickets in just 30 seconds ...

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